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Hashes.org currently runs without an active backend! This means that any lookups for hashes and processing of files (founds, hashlists, etc.) are paused. All file downloads are just reflecting the latest state and will not be updated until the backend is back.

Terms and Conditions

By registering on hashes.org you accept the usage terms set out by hashes.org. The terms may be updated without notice and with immediate effect.

Users must only submit legally obtained hashes.

Hashes.org attempts to reveal the plain text of your submitted hash. This is done in an effort to assist security professionals to evaluate the security provided by the relevant hash submitted.

Your registered user data is securely stored and will not be shared with any third party. Any submissions to hashes.org are anonymous.

Hashes.org is free to use and as such, it is not obligated to provide a service of any kind. Hashes.org may be temporarily or permanently taken offline at any time. Hashes.org is not responsible for any damages or errors due to visiting this site.

If you no longer wish to be a member of hashes.org send a "Delete My Account" application to admin(at)hashes(dot)org, clearly stating your user-name.

Please consider donating to maintain our service, even a small donation would be helpful.

The API may be used only for private purposes. Commercial usage is not allowed!

Hashes.org is not a hacking site and assumes all submitted hashes are for testing purposes only and are obtained in a legal way.
Hashes.org is also happy to help computer users recover their own forgotten passwords, however this does not extend to recovery of passwords belonging to a third party.
Please ensure all submitted hashes are legally obtained and you have permission to recover the plain text before uploading them to Hashes.org.
If you object to a particular hash listed in the Hashes.org database please contact us explaining why.

If one part of the terms should become invalid, the other parts will not be effected and will remain valid.
New verions of these terms and conditions can be introduced without notice, if the new one isn't accepted anymore by the user, he must request the deletion of his account.