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Hashes.org currently runs without an active backend! This means that any lookups for hashes and processing of files (founds, hashlists, etc.) are paused. All file downloads are just reflecting the latest state and will not be updated until the backend is back.


I uploaded a hashlist with no error messages, but my uploaded list is missing.
In case you upload too large lists it might happen that the server does not accept the upload and therefore does not give any information about an upload. Stick to the limits which are shown on the page.
What is meant by the "algorithm" of a hashlist?
The algorithm of a hashlist should give a rough estimate what kind of hash algorithm has to be expected in this hashlist. This must not be the (only) correct one. In many cases hashlists contain various hashing algorithms. So, the shown algorithm in most cases is just the most frequent one.
How do I add a hashlist as Leak?
Only moderators can add a hashlist as a leak. If you think that an already-uploaded hashlist should be a leak, please either leave a report for the hashlist, or contact an admin or moderator.
What are reports for?
Reports can be used to send a message to the moderators about a hashlist. For example, a hashlist might contain only rubbish and need to be removed, or the the stated algorithm type might not match.
I uploaded founds which got accepted but the hashlist still shows the same amount of left.
Processing uploaded founds and updating the hashlists are two separate processes. After founds are processed, it may take a few minutes until all hashlists are updated.